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Published : 27/Nov/2020

It has been a stop-start year at Theatre Severn, following our initial closure in March, re-opening in August, and then a second closure in November, as we have adhered with with UK government restrictions.

But behind closed doors, work often continues to maintain this complex building, seizing every opportunity to undertake everything from cosmetic jobs such as painting dressing rooms, to more technical work on the building infrastructure.

Prior to our re-opening in August, to provide audiences and staff with the safest possible environment, we installed new furniture such as perspex screens in customer facing areas such as the Box Office and Chapel Bar. Behind the scenes during November, further work has been undertaken to ensure we meet the highest standards when we're ready to welcome audiences again in December.

Our Systems and Facilities Manager Grant Wilson gave us a bit more insight and said "The building has been eerily quiet over the last few weeks as it has been closed to the public, but we have taken advantage of the unusual break in the programme to do some additional maintenance. 

There is quite a bit of routine maintenance which happens all the time but under normal circumstances the building is in constant use, so some parts of the building can be difficult to get to. In the past two weeks we have been able to get a team of engineers in to clean and check the entire ventilation system in one go. We have also been running tests on the air flow rates to double check that the system is working properly. 

It is a relatively new building so the ventilation has been designed to a very high specification. It uses a constant supply of fresh air from outside rather than recirculating air within the building, so it is important to make sure that the fresh air we are bringing in is properly filtered and that enough fresh air is being supplied.

The ventilation is constantly monitored, but what we have been able during this lockdown is take more detailed measurements to fine tune the system and give us some additional reassurance that everything is running perfectly."

To provide you with a safe, spaced and stress-free experience, social distancing will be in operation at all events for the forseeable future. Read more about our current safety measure before your visit.

Thank you for your understanding and support, and we look forward to welcoming you to Theatre Severn again soon.